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Health Development

Based on the importance of health care and improve health services to the community, the government is focusing on the public’s access to economically affordable quality health services, therefore:


Education is the key to sustainable development and the light of productive life. Human progress is largely made possible by the quality of education in each country. Thence, Government....

Water Development

We are all convinced that water is the first basic want of human life and as a result, the Government has made a concerted effort to bring water and water expansion to urban and rural areas...

Job Creation for Youths

The government of Somaliland recognizes the importance of youth and exploits the potential of youth in the development and security of the nation as well as in the wider Horn of Africa region...

Security & Nation Defense

The government has made it a priority to strengthen security and borders in the Republic of Somaliland. To this effect

Somaliland Recognition

Somaliland’s foreign policy towards recognition is divided into two major categories: Global recognition of Somaliland as a sovereign nation, with priority to do this given to the African continent...


Physical infrastructure such as roads, sea-ports and airports play a vital role in the development of our country. To this effect...

Good Governance

The Republic of Somaliland is working with transparency and accountability. Knowingly, corruption is national disaster. It leads to...

President Bihi addresses the Parliament on the myriad achievements of his administration in the first 120 days.

The president reported on those 120 days and delivered his strategies as pertains to: Security, Foreign affairs, Finance and economic development, Social affairs, Good governance, Judiciary, Drought and climate change, Elections and Media

Talk Update


Somaliland: Head of State Conveys Congratulatory Message to Djibouti on 44th Anniversary of Independence

On the occasion of commemorating 44th anniversary of Independence, the incumbent President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E. Muse Bihi...

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President Expresses “Dumbfounding”for Somalia Celebrating 26 June Somaliland Independence Day

  President Bihi: It is infuriating and dumbfounding for Somalia celebrating 26 June Somaliland Independence Day and claim the nation...

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Somaliland: Nation Marks 61 Years of Independence

  Somalilanders celebrated their country’s 61st anniversary of independence with colorful festivities at home and abroad. President Muse Bihi Abdi...

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Somaliland Marks 30th Anniversary of Sovereignty

Happiness and Sadness on the 18th May is an annual fate of Somalilanders. Happiness because on this Somaliland commemorates anniversary...

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President Meets with NEC & National Political Parties, Discusses Elections

The President of the republic of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi, this morning, held a special meeting with the two...

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Somaliland President Lays the Foundation Stone of Hargeisa Bypass, UK Amb. Joins the Launching Ceremony

The British Ambassador, Kate Foster, visited Hargeisa this week to reaffirm the strength of the UK’s partnership with Somaliland including...

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