Water Development

We are all convinced that water is the first basic want of human life and as a result, the Government has made a concerted effort to bring water and water expansion to urban and rural areas. To this effect:

  1. 32 wells were dug.
  2. 66 boreholes were rehabilitated through a depth increase to enhance sustainable water supply.
  3. Exploration of 33 new boreholes has been completed and only pends commencement of drilling.
  4. 8 new dams have been drilled, and 12 have been repaired.
  5. 153 new water reservoirs have been constructed, and 203 existing ones reconditioned.
  6. Water supply expansion projects have been accomplished in Hargeisa, Burao, Berbera, Erigavo and Borama.
  7. The Hargeisa water supply expansion project is ongoing and nearing completion soon. 80% of water supply availability has completed while 30% of distribution to consumers is complete so far.