Physical infrastructure such as roads, sea-ports and airports play a vital role in the development of our country. To this effect:

  1. Expansion and modernization of the Berbera Port is underway, and I have great honour to inform that 43% which is 400 meters long of the first phase of Port Expansion is complete.
  2. 7% of the Berbera Corridor which connects Somaliland and Ethiopia is complete and in use.
  3. Construction of 22.5 kilometers of track as part of the Berbera Corridor Economic Corridor geared towards diverting heavily laden trucks from the capital Hargeisa will start soon.
  4. The governments of Somaliland and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to elevate Berbera Airport to international standards for purpose of supporting cross-border regional, regional and international trade.
  5. This administration has completed construction of an additional 107 kilometers of the Burao –Erigavo Road thence an in use stretch of 201 km having inherited94 km from the previous administration.
  6. Construction of 49 49 kilometers of Hargeisa-Kalabaydh highway has been completed and in use.
  7. Construction of the Bridge connection Borama town to Amoud University is nearing completion and shall be inaugurated soon.
  8. Extensive repairs have been made to the road between Las Anod and the village of Samakaab and Adhi-caddeeye.
  9. An extensive renovation to the second bridge in Burao destroyed by heavy rainfall has been completed
  10. In 2019 traffic accidents caused death to 274 citizens and to negate such catastrophes we are in advanced stages of implementing new traffic rules especially pertains to speed governors in the country.