Education is the key to sustainable development and the light of productive life. Human progress is largely made possible by the quality of education in each country. Thence, Government, taking into accounts the importance of education to the development of the nation and the life of the younger generation in this country, following was implemented.

  1. National Teachers Training College was established and to improve basic education the cahoots of 400 teachers from primary schools across the country are undergoing training,
  2. International educational scholarships have been granted to 450 students from all over the State, beneficiary selection having been based on the ranking of the final school exam scores.
  3. From February 2019 the policy of ensuring that all primary school pupils in the country have access to approved curriculum text books. To this effect the government distributed 100.200 text books for use by 153.077 students in all regions of the country.
  4. 400 new teachers have been hired to increase the quality of education services in the country.
  5. 201 new classrooms were built in 102 schools from Awdal, Togdheer, Saanag, Sool and Sahil regions.